“But I love you”, those are just words. Actions count.




gal 2


She knows to write about nothing but pain.

Writing will be the death of her, that we all know.

She bleeds in all her pages and loses breath whenever she picks up a pen.

She jokes she will be buried in books because that’s all she know.

I don’t want to



i don’t want to call you when am high, when am down and in doubt.

i don’t want to check my phone, for a missed call or text.

i don’t want to need you, close my eyes in my four walled room, gasp for breath, take quick steps when i think of you.

i don’t want to feel this way, because i know am far removed from your reality.

Call me by my name



Mama called my name when i was born, i have lost it in this world.

I take the long road to church, i tell myself i have tried.

I relate more with the rain, it comes with the cold and flows

Take me back, to when i could feel, when i could laugh in tears.

Hold my hand and take me to bed,

turn off the lights and call me by my name like my mama did and how it should be.

She/her part 1

red-hair-1I was walking down the steps contemplating if I should wait for my next class, I turned my head slightly  and across me there she was. A smile on her face, she changed her hair nahh straightened it and dyed it red, just the front part, she looked gorgeous. I didn’t want to stare for long, damn I almost missed a step. I wanted to say hi, in fact am always the first to say hi just to be in control because with her I stagger for words and loose my train of thoughts. I didn’t say hi in fact I hastened my pace just to reach the exist door first. I didn’t look back, I wanted to know if she had seen me but still didn’t look back. I wonder if am in her thoughts, as she is in mine. I guess am left with that.