1st Confession

I am writing with a clear head I think, this is the only way I know how to say what I need to say. Its been a hard couple of months on my part, nothing major, probably what I deserve but sometimes it takes me under and I can’t just cope. What I need you to know is not the past because all those mistakes can not be amended, all those words I should have said maybe would not have changed this moment or rather what came to pass. What you need to know is that I am trying to work on myself and with that I need to distance myself from you because you are my trigger and I relapse. I get over myself expecting more however I know and you know that that would never happen.blr 1

However, it’s not easy, it’s not like am getting it right, am doing it by myself, learning what I have done wrong and trying to amend, attorn. What I need you to do, a favor I may say, the first I will ever ask and maybe the last. If by your birthday, am still taking shots and bitterness keeps weighing me down, please say your goodbyes or just tell me no, I need to hear that from you then maybe I will learn something and grow from it.



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