Too much for a single soul

I was looking for some sort of high, that’s when i saw and fell for you, it wasn’t your fault.You introduced me to your sexualized world, your body being that of a god, all who gazed upon you bowed down to your will and command.  Baby you had me, body and soul. When you gave me that lap dance, when i left in my mind i was contented with a story of who we could be. To be honest i hoped you would hit me up and show me some love but a couple of days past, still nothing from you. So i dropped by, you had a busted lip, a scar on your lower eye that no make up could hide. You claimed it was nothing that ‘he’ was looking out for you. That day i stuck around because i respect your hustle nonetheless i wanted to be by your side. Guess it worked, you seen me come through. You took me to your place it wasn’t as i had expected.



Old music records of the likes of Frank Sinatra, Miles Davis, Nat King Cole, Nina Simone and Tony Bennett stuck on your wall with a  Lucero LC100 Classical Guitar beside them. In my mind i was like “Girl you playing me, this can’t be your place”.

We got comfortable so you played me your all. It was an old soul,everything you sung i could tell you had gone through. That very moment i despised myself for wanting all of you to myself. I became conscious of the fact that you were too much for a single soul.

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