Too much for a single soul

I was looking for some sort of high, that’s when i saw and fell for you, it wasn’t your fault.You introduced me to your sexualized world, your body being that of a god, all who gazed upon you bowed down to your will and command.  Baby you had me, body and soul. When you gave me that lap dance, when i left in my mind i was contented with a story of who we could be. To be honest i hoped you would hit me up and show me some love but a couple of days past, still nothing from you. So i dropped by, you had a busted lip, a scar on your lower eye that no make up could hide. You claimed it was nothing that ‘he’ was looking out for you. That day i stuck around because i respect your hustle nonetheless i wanted to be by your side. Guess it worked, you seen me come through. You took me to your place it wasn’t as i had expected.



Old music records of the likes of Frank Sinatra, Miles Davis, Nat King Cole, Nina Simone and Tony Bennett stuck on your wall with a  Lucero LC100 Classical Guitar beside them. In my mind i was like “Girl you playing me, this can’t be your place”.

We got comfortable so you played me your all. It was an old soul,everything you sung i could tell you had gone through. That very moment i despised myself for wanting all of you to myself. I became conscious of the fact that you were too much for a single soul.



Yet again misunderstood, this time am taking all the bullets. Its not fair, they did not warn me.



i wasn’t ready for war just walked in a battle filed with no rifle and knowledge of what am fighting for. So forgive me for any defeat, forgive me for thinking its not fair, forgive me if i mourn, forgive me for not being ready to hurt.


You claimed how could you know she was the one if she didn’t see through your faults,how were you to put a fight for her when she didn’t see you struggle, How then could you know she loved you? You asked yourself.



In reality, she was all bout you when you weren’t sure about her.She seen you through all your sh*t been that rock and love well that all she did, she loved you with no doubt. 


My own

After all this year of doubting her love for him she finally  figured it out, how deep her love was after they parted ways. She seeing him in the hands of another, all their memories  flashing back hitting her so hard that she became love sick. Curled in the floor with no one to pick her up. Non noticed her agony. She became a dying soul. Everyday she reassuring her soul  “just one more night, you will make it!”


Calum Scott – Dancing On My Owndanc