grothAnd i wonder what makes one interested in the other,

why we choose to know one instead of the other,

what attracts, what repels!

At my age i know i haven’t fully grown to where i need to be,

admittedly, i realize now what a disappointment i am to my inner self that seek self growth,

my criteria has been that of a young youth,

i look at physical appearances , i look at what you have, look at how you talk “cool” is the word.

but then again maybe i shouldn’t beat up myself so much

because past that , i look at your inner soul once you invite me in, then,

that’s when i decide to stay or leave.

How open minded are you, a word often you”ll hear me speak of once i deem you worthy to be in my life or those in it already,

i seek souls that have grown through experience,

souls that can open my mind to that of the world and not an illusion of “the world”.

so maybe am growing, not in the expected way that i want to but i am.



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