Take me to Church!

ch4They say we are born sinners, not i, i believe i was as pure as the word itself.

My sin, my first sin, was right there at the church door, i looked back, i regret why i did, that was when i tripped and fell back right into the devils arms.

You were all dressed in black, it should have been a sign and your first words should have been ” run, run girl, run for your life,” may be they were but i choose not to listen. i heard what i wanted to hear, that i was rare, elegant in every way.

We walked in church holding hands like a couple down the isle after exchanging their vows, you in black and i in white, a symbol of the yin yang, you the dark, well i still retain my purity, light. We took the back seat like teenagers with the intent of mischief and i liked it. i liked that i didn’t know what would happen next, i liked that somewhat it felt bad, it felt wrong deep in my guts but i wanted it.

We invited sin, we sang for it, called for it right there in the sanctuary of God.

……………………………………………………………to be continued.



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