Just a dream

grunningShe walked right into his arms on the dance floor and started dancing. He had known her but not that close. The conversation was smooth, he wasn’t sure of her intentions but went on with the flow. They talked about something he didn’t pay attention to, he just knew that he had her, had her in his arms and he seemed to want more. She knew it and wanted to release him from that cage, bondage, I think. She had said something nasty to one of the guys who had walked up to them and wanted her company. She then suggested they go out since now everyone was staring. She looked more enchanting under the moon light but soon the clouds moved to cover that view. She immediately ran towards the fence, took of her shoes and got in, “ ohh she’s at it again”, it downed on him, calm and patience wasn’t her suit, he should have known better, I mean that’s what made him attracted to her, the wild part. He ran after her but didn’t get in the fence. Then it happened, what wasn’t even close to what the night could have been. A tall figure running inside the fence towards her, he stood there numb, as if struck by something, helplessly he saw her ran, ran into the dark.